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Day 5 - Seminar Day

One day until the action begins…

After lunch the team travelled together to the convention centre for a Kumite seminar and the coaches meeting.

The seminar, held in the main hall, on the mats they’ll be competing on over the next 3 days, provided a great chance to settle some nerves and learn.

With competitors from all over the world and the first time our team have had the experience of training with people from other countries, it was a chance for more than just training. Frank and Layjha were the best at getting stuck in meeting new karateka. Frank training with a boy from South Africa and Layjha a girl from San Diego USA.

Everyone said they enjoyed the drills and the opportunity to properly see the venue ahead of the first competitors.

During the first hour of the Kumite seminar, Kieron and I attended the mandatory pre comp coaches meeting, where we heard from the President of WUKF, the President of the Coaches Commission and The Director of Competitions.

After the seminar the team returned to the hotel and enjoyed another competitive game of pool volleyball. The rules are vague, the competition is fierce and laughter is plentiful.

We enjoyed dinner in an Indian restaurant by request, to again help reduce homesickness. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed  the meal and was well and truly well fed ahead of the competition.

Day 1 of the competition will see the following categories take to the mat;

1 . Boys 13 Team Kata - Alex, Ariz and Reda

  1. Boys 13 Team Rotational - Ariz, Alex, Reda, Adel

  2. 14-15 girls All Styles kata - Narjis and Layjha

  3. 14-15 girls Open Weight Sanbon Kumite   - Layjha

We’ll post as often as we can throughout the day.

Check out all the photos on Facebook.

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