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WUKF 2022 - Day 2

With the late night after 24hrs travelling but a 5hr time difference there was always going to be very varied wake up times. Frank waking up at 5:30 and others minutes before breakfast, it didn’t seem to matter when everyone was excited to try make their own waffles for breakfast.

Not having been able to go to the pool when we arrived, the whole team used the hour between breakfast and training to enjoy the pool. Whilst Kieron and I quickly nipped off to the supermarket to pick up some supplies, everyone enjoyed games in the pool.

At 11 we began our first training session in FL at Gentle Art Dojo, a lovely and very friendly BJJ dojo, that kindly allowed us to use their dojo whilst in FL to train. Thank you Gentle Art Dojo!

The training session today was intended to just get everyone moving and stretched out after the long trip the day before. Whilst air conditioned and far cooler than the outside, everyone was definitely feeling the heat and it also clearly showed many were still tired from the excitement and length of travel the day before.

Having been asked numerous times over the last few weeks whether we’d be able to go to the beach when in FL, we obliged and stopped off at FL Beach for what was intended to be just a quick look around and run around on the beach. Despite most not having their swim suits on, the whole team ended up in the water enjoying the very warm and beautiful beach for well over an hour.

Everyone seemed to have a great time in the water and sand. We’d not left the beach before being asked whether we could come back again, some wanting to return again later the same afternoon.

Upon returning to the hotel, most headed straight to the pool again!

It’s great to see how this young team are continuing to bond and develop very strong friendships, but also how they also look out for each other particularly the younger ones. Whether it be to being particularly inclusive in games that might be better suited to an older age group, or just being mindful about and aware of dietary requirements and allergies of their team mates when sharing food etc.

Day 3 will involve two training sessions as we start getting more and more focused on the task at hand. But no doubt there might also be time for a quick beach visit.

Check out the pictures on Facebook.

The internet has not been playing ball when uploading pictures here.

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