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Train Often, Train Hard, Have Fun

Class Times



This is a mixed ages class, catering for students from age 4yrs+ of all abilities.

The mixed age nature of this class means that it's perfect for parents that might want to train with their children, but also suites students of all abilities and ages working on progressing their skills. 


Saturday Kids Session

This class is tailored specifically for children age 4-15yrs of all grades and abilities. 

Sessions focus on a mixture of fitness and flexibility, syllabus work and core karate skills.

Perfect for students working towards their next belt!


Adults and Advanced

This class is tailored to adult students and younger advanced students focusing on improving their skills and technique for competitions.

The session focuses on  fitness, strength and flexibility a building a strong karate foundation, making it perfect for those looking for an alternative to the gym. 

Students attending to improve for competition will focus on particular elements of competition karate.