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Membership & Fees
Membership & Fees: Product

We believe in offering high quality coaching that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.


Based at Ichiban Leeds students become members of the dojo. Membership of Ichiban allows students to attend any of the martial arts offered at Ichiban as often as they like each month.  So whilst karate might be your preferred martial art, you're welcome to attend any other sessions offered at Ichiban, for no additional cost!


We strongly encourage students to try some of the martial arts on offer. 

Unlimited Ichiban Membership

Junior           Adult            Family 3

£25             £33                 £55 

     per month

Little ninjas 2.jpg

Per Class

Junior        Adult
£7.00          £10

Per class at Ichiban Leeds


Annual Club Membership, Licence and Insurance

£20 annually (£25 for the 1st Year)

Students are required to purchase annual membership, licence and insurance. This allows members to attend all club and external competitions and ensures all students carry member to member insurance for their own safety and peace of mind.

Family discounts available. 

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